The Power of the Business and Marriage Connection

How to have the best of both.  Dr. Kathleen Hilton, Business & Relationship Coach authors new book for business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs (BPEs) and their spouses or committed life partners.  This book emphasizes the interconnection between the marriage of the business owner and the success of the business.  It is that intersection of the two that can make or break the business and make or break the marriage.  Her book is an easy-to-use, step-by-step plan to achieving success and happiness in both worlds.

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Welcome to Your Best Life, Career and Relationships

How to balance a Career and Relationship?

Having both a successful career and a successful relationship can be quite a juggling act.  When both work well, you can hardly ask for anything better.  However, when one or the other is out of balance, it can be disastrous.

To begin with business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs (BPEs) are a different breed.  If you are a BPE, you may not realize how different you and your lifestyle are from the typical life.  Likewise, if you enter a relationship with someone who is not familiar with the BPE personality and lifestyle, that person may be totally baffled about what goes on in your head as well as what goes on in your life.  And you (the BPE) may be baffled as to why they are baffled for it is all perfectly normal to you.

So, How Do You Have Both A Successful Career and Relationship?

One of the first things that must happen in order to balance your career and your relationship and have a “best of both” life is for you and your spouse (or life partner) to share with one another your expectations, your dreams, desires and your understanding regarding what each of you want your lives to be like.  In other words, you must both get on the same page so you know what you want and what your significant other wants and why.  Don’t make this into a “who’s right and who’s wrong” session. There are no rights or wrongs, there are just differences and similarities in this exercise.

From the information you gain from the foregoing exercise, you can now start to build the life, business, and relationship you desire and that best fits you and your spouse or significant other.

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Partners in Business and Love:

A guide to creating your ideal professional and personal life